Unique In Its Class: G Residence. 5 Reasons Why:
What is Superior Customer Service?
testimonials from clients
What Is The Value Of Real Experience?
What's Your IDEAL Job Description?
How Brave Are You?
Who Says Market Is Down?
Residensi Sefina by UEM Sunrise
Sincerely, from Eugene
Adiva Parkhomes & Courtyard Terraces, Desa ParkCity
Saville @ The Park, Bangsar South
Vipod Suites Residences, Jalan Kia Peng, KL
Looking Beyond The Horizon
Living in the Horizon Residences is akin to being by the seaside without going far out from the city. Palm trees all around, wind caressing your face and hair right in the middle of the city in Kuala Lumpur.
10 New Truths Great Leaders Know That Most People Don't
Leadership isn't the same field that it was even a decade ago. Here's a map to the new landscape. *this article was first published in BY LOLLY DASKAL President and CEO, Lead From Within
How To Be A World Class Business Owner
To succeed in business and your career, there’s a mix of hard and soft skills to stand out above the rest. I highlight No. 3: A Global Mind-Set. Read more.
Who Inputs Into Your Life?
It's important to mix with positive and successful people who can input into your life. Speaking with Wong Yau Long, Senior Head of Sales and Marketing of Cornerstone Realty who leads a team of real estate negotiators in affluent residential areas like Desa ParkCity, Setia Alam, Mont Kiara, Bangsar South and KLCC.
Making A Tough Decision: 5 Steps
Too often, when faced with a fork in the road-whether picking up and moving cross-country or having a child- we fret and dither so long that choice is no longer an option. Letting circumstances decide our fate is hardly the best way to get the most out of life opportunities . Luckily, there’s more to good decision-making than merely going with your gut. When you know how to do it,the hard choices seem almost clear-cut. From Life: The Readers’ Digest Version Of
Determination: How Far Would You Go
As sales people, follow up and relationships are important. How much do you follow up? To what extend would you go for your clients? Even under the rain just to take a picture of the property? Dina Chee, from Cornerstone Realty did that. Did she close the deal thereafter?
8 Days Into 2016: How Is It?
In December, many Malaysians did not have much positive things to say about the coming 2016. At Cornerstone Realty, let's hear what is said "8 Days Into 2016".
Are You Hungry For Success?
Need Extra Income For Your Expenses? Or Just For The Holidays Of Your Dreams? We Have The Solution For You!
Ingredients For Success 成功的秘方
Is The Real Estate Business For Everyone? With No Fixed Income, Isn't That A Risk? 房地产事业是否适合每一位人? 没有固定的收入,会不会是个风险?
Will They Make It?
Some weeks ago, the team went for white water rafting in Ulu Slim, Perak. With the treacherous rapids, there was a concern. Will they make it?
My Colleagues and I Went To War
How We Know Each Other Through Fighting
Is The Real Estate Business For You? Not Initially For Wong
Cornerstone & Wong Yau Long: The Journey (Part 3)
9 Powerful Ways Gratitude Can Change Your Life
article from on gratitude
Weakness vs. Strength
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Not The First Business Venture: Real Estate
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What Do Real Estate Negotiators Actually Do?
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Do Successful People Get Down?
Yau Long's video from MIEA
Who Is Cornerstone Realty
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